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    1. Development History
      Current Location:About Us >> Development History

      Apr/2013 Terminal section begin to operation
      Aug/2012 Acquired ISO14001(whole factory)
      Aug/2011 Company changed into Sole proprietorship
      Jun/2006 Set up panel printing section
      Mar/2006 Acquired ISO14001 (precision parts section)
      Jul/2005 Set up new factory
      Apr/2005 Set up Electronic machine Section
      Dec/2003 Acquired ISO9001(whole factory)
      Nov/2001 Start to production radio wave clock
      Dec/1999 Acquired ISO9002(precision parts section)
      Dec/1994 Set up precision parts section
      Dec/1994 Set up Vacuum plating section
      Oct/1994 Movement production transfer from Japan to Rhythm Factory
      Apr/1992 Build up Rhythm Factory

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