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      Floor eventually became home fashion

      Rich people buy a table, elegant Tibetan bell.

      Today, people's taste in home decor rising past, extremely practical household clock, has also become an ornament. Grandfather Clock, traditionally belonging to the home of high-end consumer goods. In the past, we can often see those social or cultural historian of the upper crust in both the living room and elegant, traditional-style Grandfather Clock figure from the film, novels. Therefore, in people's minds, grandfather clock has become a symbol of identity rich elegance!

      In order to meet the various needs of society, today's Grandfather Clock shell shape and tone varied. Its shape is traditional Chinese, Continental; have ranged between modernist style. Color: white light yellow light brown light reddish brown (dark) coffee.

      In the watch industry, we all know: "Swiss watches, German bell." In the world, Germany's clock is first class. However, due to the lack of labor costs and the high foreign human resources, so Germany has been very little production floor clock. In this situation, our grandfather clock manufacturing plant in addition to installation of domestic movement, many of which are imported from Germany movement assembly. Movement varieties are Hermle (hermle) and Ken Nige (kenig). German movement is characterized by: advanced technology, compact, accurate travel time, more functional changes, melodious sounds fresh and lingering smoke, long service life. Of course, its price is relatively high.

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