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    Industry News
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    Chinese watch industry made an ambitious five-year top brands

    Chinese watch industry is full of optimism. The Chinese government also proposed an ambitious goal, to build a part of China's top watch brands in the world within five years.

    Held in March this year, the International Watch Fair in Basel, Switzerland, China has sent more than 20 watches exhibitors, of which three were invited to exhibit in Hall 1. The exhibition hall exhibitors often represent the world's best watch companies. Swiss watchmakers have noticed that Chinese watch industry in certain areas of the world-class quality.

    China Watch Association data show that last year China-made watches to reach 100 million of the giant, but still can not be compared with the value of the Swiss watch. Last year, imports from Switzerland 4 million Chinese watch watches accounted for total sales turnover of Liucheng.

    In January this year, China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was first proposed, we will help to overseas Chinese watch brand. China has set a huge goal: By 2020, at least five watch brands have high visibility in the world. This is the Chinese government for the first time on the watch industry make such a request.

    So far, the Chinese people in the Swiss watch market achieved mainly reflected in the acquisition. This is enough to allow them to relish. For example, in Hong Kong-listed China Haidian Holdings in 2011 acquired the Swiss watchmaking tradition enterprises "Yee Mood for Love", two years later acquired the Swiss luxury watch brand "Kunlun." "Swiss made" technology have begun to "transfer" to Chinese enterprises.

    China's actions have been closely watched the Swiss Watch Industry Federation. "At present, China in the field of luxury watches, there is no direct threat to Switzerland, but also nothing to fear." The federation president Jean-Daniel Pache said that however, the future of Chinese investment in the field of luxury watch will continue.

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